Press release


On March 25, 2012, in Abu Dhabi, Deputy Chairman the Agency on Religious Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Marat Azilkhanov, met with Chairman of the General Agency for Islamic Affairs and Awqaf of the United Arab Emirates, Hamdan bin Mussalam al-Mazrui.

During the meeting, Marat Azilkhanov handed Hamdan al-Mazruian an invitation to the IV Congress of World and Traditional Religions on behalf of Speaker of the Senate, Head of the Secretariat of the Congress, Kayrat Mami.

During the conversation Chairman of the General Agency for Islamic Affairs and Awqaf thanked his Kazakh counterpart, and noted that the importance of such a religious forum is proved by development of inter-religious dialogue, in which Kazakhstan worthily occupies the leading position.

Summing up, Marat Azilkhanov voiced a hope for participation of Hamdan al-Mazrui in the next Congress, and assured him of further development of bilateral cooperation between the two departments.