I Congress





We, the participants of the I Congress of the Leaders Of World And Traditional Religions, was held on September 23-24, 2003 in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Recognizing the rights of every person to freely choose, express and profess their religion,

Considering interreligious dialogue one of the most important mechanisms for maintaining peace and harmony between peoples and nations,

Supporting the efforts of the United Nations, others interested international and regional organizations, as well as Governments, public and non-governmental organizations to promote dialogue among civilizations,

confirming the importance of religions for the well-being of all mankind,

Reproaching the misconception of religions and the misuse of differences between religions as a means to achieve selfish, destructive and violent goals,



  • A diminishing level of respect for the sacred gift of human life and the dignity of every human being,
  • Serious challenges to global stability posed by poverty, hunger, illiteracy, disease, immorality, as well as limited access to clean water and healthcare,
  • Using oppression, brutality and violence as the main tools for resolving disputes,
  • The ecological crisis in which the world is facing, with threatening consequences for present and future generations,



The promotion of values such as tolerance, truth, justice and love should be the goal of any religious sermon,

Extremism, terrorism and other forms of violence for the name of religion have nothing to do with the true understanding of religion, are a threat to human life and, accordingly, should be rejected,

The diversity of religious beliefs and confessions should not lead to mutual suspicion, discrimination and humiliation, but to mutual perception and harmony, demonstrating the uniqueness of each religion and culture,

Religions should strive for greater cooperation, recognizing tolerance and mutual perception as essential tools for peaceful coexistence of all peoples,

Educational programs and social communication means should be important instruments to promote positive approaches to religions and cultures,

Interreligious dialogue one of the methods of social development and improving the well-being of all peoples, promoting tolerance, mutual understanding and harmony between different cultures and religions, as well as contributes to overcoming conflicts and violence,

The entire human community should be encouraged to overcome hatred, hostility, intolerance and xenophobia,

We must strengthen cooperation in promoting spiritual values and a culture of dialogue in order to ensure peace in the new millennium,

We are ready to make every effort to prevent the use of religious differences as an instrument of hatred and discord, and to protect humanity from the global conflict of religions and cultures,

We look forward to joint actions to ensure peace and progress for humanity and to provide stability in societies as the basis for a harmonious world in the future,

We expressed our gratitude to the Republic of Kazakhstan and H.E. President Nursultan Nazarbayev for initiating and holding this Congress,

May our commitments be blessed and may justice, peace and prosperity be granted to all peoples.