Corporate governance

Mission and goals of the Service

The mission of the Service is in providing the necessary assistance to the Board of Directors and the Executive Body in fulfilling their responsibilities to achieve the strategic goals of the Center.

The main goal of the Service is in providing independent and objective information to the Board of Directors designed to the effective management of the Center by introducing a systematic approach to improve risk management, internal control and corporate management.

Objectives of the Internal Audit

The main objective of the IAS is to conduct analysis and evaluation in the framework of the audit engagement and consultations:

  • Reliability and efficiency of the internal control system;
  • Adequacy and effectiveness of the risk management system;
  • Reliability, completeness, objectivity of the accounting system and reliability of financial statements;
  • Compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, internal policies and other documents of the Center, as well as the effectiveness of systems and procedures created and applied to ensure compliance with these requirements (compliance control);
  • Rationality and efficiency of resources and methods applied to ensure the safety of property (assets);
  • Efficiency of the corporate management and the process of its improvement.