Patriarch Cyril, “Veterans are living heroes”


Primate of the ROC MP also called on veterans to share their experiences with youth.

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Cyril urged to keep the historical memory of heroism of the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

“Fame, memory and respect for all people who gave their life for the salvation of the Fatherland must be kept in the people's memory,” Patriarch said at a meeting with veterans in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior on Tuesday.

According to him, the memory of the contribution of veterans to the victory, “that ensured our historical existence”, helps to ensure that the Russians “were saved as a nation.”

Also, Patriarch said that “there are no the dead for the Church, but only the alive, and for the people there should not be dead heroes, all of them should live in our memory, then the nation will be kept.”

“Veterans are living heroes, it’s you, dear brothers and sisters who went through a terrible war and looked into the eyes of death”, Patriarch said to the audience.

Patriarch called on veterans to share their experience with the younger generation, often focused today only on wealth, comfort and worldly prosperity, that is, the values for which “it is impossible to give one’s life” as the Primate of the Russian Church noted.”

“People believe you because everything you say is confirmed by your personal experience. And God grant that the heroic past of our people would become our present”, Patriarch addressed the veterans.