The influence of Islam on democracy will be discussed in Bishkek


The political process in Kyrgyzstan with the account of religious influence will be discussed at the round table in Bishkek on May 24, the “Religion, Law and Policy” Kyrgyz Research Center informs.

The event is aimed at determining the level of Muslim community participation in the political processes in Kyrgyzstan and define the integrating approaches to the “harmonization of religion and politics in a  modern secular state, CA-news reports.

“The political situation inside the country caused by the possible fomentation of an interethnic conflict, defines the framework of the new problem, where religion could be the key tool for solving many controversial issues, - the Center says in its commentary.

The Center representatives consider that “in conditions of the sharp political crisis and the growing protest potential in country threatening the territorial integrity, stability and development of Kyrgyzstan, the конструктивное participation of the Muslim community is regarded as one of the efficient mechanisms of the civil society consolidation.