The head of the Metropolitan District in Kazakhstan


27 November 2010 - The head of the Metropolitan District in Kazakhstan, Metropolitan of Astana and Kazakhstan Alexander is convinced that cooperation between Muslims and Orthodox people of the republic will be strengthened. “Cooperation between the Orthodox people and the Muslim Brotherhood will be developed and strengthened for the good of Kazakhstan’s society,” - is said in the congratulatory message of the Metropolitan, sent to the rector of Islamic University in Almaty, Muhammad Hussein Alsabekov on the occasion of his successful defense of Doctoral Dissertation on the topic “Kazakh religious literature”.
The text of congratulation was spread by the Press Service of the Metropolitan District on Friday.

The Metropolitan expressed his gratitude to the President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan “for the policy pursued by the President according to which people free to profess any faith they choose.”

He emphasized that “the Orthodox Church in Kazakhstan is actively cooperating with representatives of the Islamic clergy” in matters relating to the suppression of extremism and pseudo-religious sects.

The Metropolitan also said that the students of the first in Kazakhstan Orthodox Theological Seminary are introduced to the works of the classics of Kazakh literature, study the state language, listen to Kazakh music and learn the history of the country.