Kazakhstan - Multinational Eurasian sate - harmoniously combines spiritual traditions of the Christian and Muslim worlds, so the main religious holidays are observed nationwide


This was announced by the head of Metropolitan District in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Alexander, today in Almaty at the traditional press conference on the eve of Christmas, celebrated on January 7.

Metropolitan said that Celebration Worship Services will be held on the night of January 6th in all 300 Orthodox churches of the country. In Ascension Cathedral of Almaty the Service will be officiated by Metropolitan, and in the evening of January 7th he will perform the rite of congratulations of clergy, parishioners and all citizens on the occasion of Christmas.

The Christmas Holy Fire will be delivered from Bethlehem on Christmas. “Our scouts - teenagers, young people - traveled to Jerusalem, and we hope to meet for a holiday of peace and love of God, for Christmas, for this great day, the Holy Fire, which was sparked in the place where Jesus Christ came into the world” – said Metropolitan.

As Metropolitan Alexander noted Christmas- one of the major Christian holidays, established in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. And by tradition, introduced in 2005, this day along with the great Muslim holiday Kurban-Ait is a non-working day in our country.

“Despite the cold weather each eparchy will held the events necessary and significant for church life. In particular we will help to poor people, and take part in the fate of people with disabilities. I note that each of the six eparchies has a list of planned festive events,”- said Metropolitan.