The International Conference “The role of Islam in the CIS countries” will be held in the capital of Kazakhstan from 14 to 16 September 2011


As the press service of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims (SAM) of Kazakhstan reported to, the event is organized by the World Islamic League, SAM of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RK, Embassies of Kazakhstan in Saudi Arabia, Russia and other CIS countries. 

“Issues related to the development of Islam in the CIS countries, the role of Muftis, as well as ways to prevent religious extremism in our countries will be discussed during the first religious summit involving about 30 Muftis from the CIS countries”, - said a representative of the Organizing Committee. 

In addition, the International Quran Reading Competition first in the history of Kazakhstan is scheduled to be held as a part of the conference. The Competition will be held at the central mosque “Nur-Astana” in the capital of Kazakhstan. It is expected that about 30 young Quran Readers from the CIS countries will participate in the competition.