Kairat Mami meets President of Pontifical Council for interreligious dialogue


Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Head of the Secretariat of the Congress of World and Traditional Religions, Kairat Mami met with the President of the Pontifical Council for interreligious dialogue, a member of the Council of Religious leaders, Jean-Louis Tauran.

J.-L.Tauran is in Astana as an honorary guest of XII meeting of the Secretariat of the Congress of World and Traditional Religions and international scientific conference marking the 10th anniversary of the Congress.

During the meeting, a senior Vatican representative brought the greetings and best wishes of Pope Francis to the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

J.-L.Tauran emphasized that the events taking place nowadays in the world corroborate urgent necessity for dialogue between believers of different religions. As he said, Kazakhstan presented a model of interreligious dialogue that should be supported in the future.

Speaker of the Senate expressed his gratitude to the Vatican leadership for comprehensive support of the Astana Congress and participation of high-level representatives of the Holy See in activities of the forum. He emphasized that Vatican is an important political partner of Kazakhstan. As a result of close contacts between the two states was the ratification of the Agreement on interrelations between Kazakhstan and Vatican. Kazakhstan became the first country in CIS and Asia with which the Holy See signed this kind of agreement.

The participants also discussed issues of Council of Religious leaders which was created during the IV Congress in May 2012. K. Mami stressed significant efforts of Pontifical Council for interreligious dialogue on rapprochement with other religions in strengthening traditional moral and ethical values.