Photo exhibition "Peace and unity of different countries" opened in N.Nazarbayev Center


On May 27, 2022, the N.Nazarbayev Center for the Development of Interfaith and Intercivilizational Dialogue in the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation held the official opening of the photo exhibition "Peace and Unity of Different Countries" dedicated to the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the photo exhibition is to promote the formation of a tolerant worldview and respect for the religions and cultures of different peoples of the world, assistance in strengthening interfaith and inter-civilizational dialogue, and joint responsibility in maintaining international peace and security.

The following museum items were presented at the photo exhibition - jewelry of different nationalities, ethnographic items, photographs, a collection of porcelain sculptures by the artist-sculptor Malik Abdildin.

The photo exhibition reflects the theme of the unity of the peoples of the countries, tolerance, interreligious harmony, consolidation around common spiritual human values ​​and the national patriotic idea “Mangilik El” - civil equality, the foundation of Kazakhstani identity and unity - a national value based on cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity.

The opening of the photo exhibition was attended by the Vice-Minister of Information and Social Development S.Egizbayev, Chairman of the Board of the Center B.Sarsenbaev, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.Bakirov, Vice-Chairman of the SAMK Ershat Ongarov, Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Mary in Nur-Sultan T.Peta, Archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran churches in Kazakhstan Y.Novgorodov, Representative of the Local Religious Association “Almaty Won Buddhist Church” E.Kim, Representative of the Baha'i Community A.Sabit, Deputy Chairman of the NGO "Chechen-Ingush Ethnocultural Center "Vainakh" A.Sagov, as well as heads and representatives of foreign diplomatic missions of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Germany and Iran in Kazakhstan.

In general, the participants of the exhibition positively noted the importance of promoting interfaith and interreligious dialogue at the international level and expressed gratitude for organizing the event.