Saiban E Pakistan Launched In Conference On Inter-Faith Dialogue At Iiui


Saiban e Pakistan, a project of Paigham e Pakistan narrative focused on role of minorities was launched here on Monday at  Islamic Research Institute (IRI) of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) in an international conference on inter-faith dialogue and national cohesion.

A declaration of 22 points has been jointly drafted by Paigham e Pakistan Centre for Peace , Reconciliation and Reconstruction studies of IRI and Council of Islamic Ideology, Government of Pakistan. The conference was jointly organized by IRI and Nazarbayev Centre for development of interfaith and inter civilization dialogue, Kazakhasitan.

The participants of the conference agreed that constitution of Pakistan is guarantor of the rights of minorities. They said educational institutions must play a role for creating awareness for minorities’ rights. It was noted that the society needs an atmosphere of unity, mutual respect and patience. They opined that latest tools such as social media must be used to aware masses about rights of minorities and dissemination of peace.

The conference was addressed by Asad Qaiser, Speaker National Assembly who said government had been a staunch supporter of protection of minority rights. He continued that since PTI government was pursuing the model of Madeenah , therefore, maintaining peace, discouraging violence and promoting interfaith harmony were the leading objectives of the ruling party. He vowed that lower house will soon witness a debate on promotion of peace and rights of minorities. The NA speaker added that culture of dialogue is a salient feature of a sound society and universities can be of vital role in this regard.

Altay Abibullayev Chairman board of Nazarbayev Centre for development of interfaith and inter civilizational dialogue  addressed the conference. He said dialogue is the key to maintain global peace. He pointed out youth as most meaningful source for promoting dialogue and peace. He also highlighted importance of the ties between Pakistan and Kazakhstan adding that Feb 24th was the day when Pakistan and Kazakhstan had commenced bilateral ties officially.

Rector IIUI Dr Masoom Yasinzai stressed the need for imparting modern education based on critical thinking and characterization integrated with the blend of Islamic character. He added that there was no place for terrorism in Islam and added that IIUI took the responsibility to provide a narrative to the nation to remain clear about Islam, its teachings and dissemination of message of peace.  He urged for the promotion of the attitude of peaceful co-existence.

President IIUI, Dr Yousif Al Draiweesh said Islam was the only religion which gives complete rights to minorities. He called upon the Muslim societies to practice and provide the rights to minorities granted by Islam. He maintained that university was keen to promote culture peace and dialogue.

Director General IRI, Dr. Zia ul Haq elaborated the journey of Paigham e Pakistan and told that it commenced with a muster of religious scholars at IRI in program on reconstruction of Pakistani society where a decree was announced against terrorism. He added that the decree was endorsed by all the religions’ scholars in a program at IIUI and also same was endorsed by the VCs of more than 80 universities. He told that after the launch of Paigham e Pakistan, this program was the continuity of that effort.

The conference was also addressed by Senator Anwar ullah Kakakar, Dr. Attaullah Shah VC, KU, Jenifer Jag Jevan, Peter Jacob, Zafarullah Khan.