Address by K.Mami to business and public circles of Japan

As part of the visit which began today in Tokyo, Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kayrat Mami, met with Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of Japan, Bunmey Ibuki, and also took part in the Forum of the International Council of Friendly Exchanges in Japan.
B.Ibuki said that in the short term Kazakhstan has achieved high rates of economic development and has taken a leading position in the region of Central Asia. The Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Japanese Parliament called for further expansion of bilateral cooperation and intensification of inter-parliamentary relations.
For his part, highlighted K.Mami the significance of interaction of parliamentarians both in terms of sharing experiences, and in terms of strengthening the legal framework of the agreements reached at different levels.
The Parties also exchanged views on development of the international inter-religious dialogue and on other relevant topics.
On the same day K.Mami addressed to the Kazakh-Japanese Forum, organized by the International Council of Friendly Exchanges in Japan and by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Tokyo. The Speaker of the Senate spoke about the new opportunities opening up in Kazakhstan in the framework of the National Development Strategy 2050 launched by President, Nursultan Nazarbayev.
 “I am sure that Kazakh-Japanese cooperation has great prospects. New long-term projects that are planned for Kazakhstan itself, of course, will be a point of interest in business and public circles in Japan”, - said the Speaker of the Senate, opening the meeting.
K.Mami outlined the measures of the Government to improve the living standards of the population, to diversify and increase investment attractiveness of the economy, to develop infrastructure, to introduce “green economy” and to prepare for Expo-2017. The Speaker also gave an overview of international initiatives of Astana.
The Chairman of the Senate noted that Kazakhstan appreciated all possible assistance of Japan in overcoming the environmental and social consequences of nuclear tests in Semey region, as well as rehabilitation of the Aral Sea. He also emphasized strong support provided by the Government of Japan in construction and modernization of major facilities on the territory of Kazakhstan.
Particularly, K.Mami focused on the activities of the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions. As you know, representatives of the Association of Shinto shrines of Japan take part in activities of the Astana Inter-religious Forum on a regular basis.
The photo exhibition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions was presented to the guests of the Forum.