Cultural program

The main mosque of Nur-Sultan


The largest mosque in Central Asia has been opened in the capital city. The area of the land plot on which the mosque is located is 10 hectares. The total area is 68,062 square meters. The height of the large dome is 83.2 meters, the diameter is 62 meters. The mosque has four minarets. It is 130 meters in height.

In addition, there is a banquet hall for 440 seats in the underground floor of the mosque, a closed parking lot for 405 parking spots, a lobby, a restroom, a facility of technical and funeral services, an area of sacrifice and other premises.

On the first and second floors, in addition to the place of prayer, there are classrooms, a conference room, a wedding hall, a Koran reading room, a TV studio, offices, working accommodations, shops, a museum and utility space.

The total capacity of the mosque is 235,000 (two hundred and thirty-five thousand) people, that is, such a number of people can stand in rows and pray at the same time. About 200,000 people can fit in the open space of the building, i.e.: 30 thousand people in the area of the podium and stage; 170 thousand people can pray simultaneously in the courtyard of the mosque. 35 thousand people can pray inside the mosque, i.e.: 30 thousand people in a place intended for men; 5 thousand people in a place intended for women.

According to the capacity of the mosque, the Republican Main Mosque in Nur-Sultan is one of the 10 largest mosques in the world.