III Congress

APPEAL of the participants of the III Congress of
Leaders of World and Traditional Religions

We, the participants of the III Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions,

  • acknowledging the pressing relevance of humanity's problems including those in the economic and related sectors as identified during the Congress and realizing our responsibilities to everyone in society;
  • noting the increasingly important role of religion and highlighting the need for inter-religious understanding and cooperation in today's world;
  • confirming the commitment of people of faith to moral values and to the promotion of mutual respect and harmony;
  • emphasizing our commitment to the protection and development of our respective cultural and spiritual heritage;
  • stating unambiguously our opposition to ethnic and religious enmity and hatred while affirming that peaceful coexistence of people of different ethnic origins and religious affiliations is an important basis for human security;
  • underscoring the important contribution of shared moral values in preventing and resolving inter-religious and inter-confessional tensions and conflicts;
  • expressing confidence that inter-religious dialogue helps to prevent stereotyping, prejudices and religious conflicts, serving as a tool for reducing tensions and promoting the peaceful settlement of conflicts;
  • proceeding from the conviction that opposing new threats to societal and global stability requires cooperation of nations, ethnic communities and religions in the field of spiritual and moral education, culture, and the promotion of peace and international security;
  • reiterating the need to protect the dignity of human beings and their fundamental rights, in particular those of freedom of conscience and of religion;
  • repudiating the manipulation of religions for the justification and support of militant nationalism and chauvinism;
  • condemning all forms of extremism and terrorism, especially those perpetrated in the name of religion;
  • realizing that through joint efforts will humanity be able to reach a better level of mutual understanding and cooperation, enabling a better human coexistence at the local and international levels;
  • recognizing the contribution of the I and the II Congress to the promotion of inter-religious dialogue, mutual understanding and peaceful cooperation, and appreciating the work of the Secretariat.

We call on religious and political leaders, public figures, scientists, the mass media, and the global community to:

  • continuously support and facilitate the efforts of religious leaders and organizations towards genuine inter-religious dialogue, and to address the urgent problems of humanity so as to find proper solutions, thereby recognizing the positive role that religions can and should play in society;
  • promote comprehension of the specific character of each religion and culture and support dialogue among religions and civilizations in order to enhance mutual understanding and respect through education;
  • counteract the manipulation of religions or religious differences for political ends so as to preserve the unity of the society in the respect for legitimate diversity;
  • deepen mutual understanding by means of cultural exchanges, and cooperation in the field of education, always protecting the right of religious freedom and its effective implementation;
  • demonstrate greater moral and spiritual strength and genuine solidarity in pursuing just solutions to the economic, financial, social and environmental problems plaguing the globalized world.

We, the participants of the Congress, express gratitude to His Excellency President Nursultan Nazarbayev and the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan for their efforts to promote a culture of concord and cooperation among peoples of different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds within Kazakhstan and beyond.

We wish every human being peace, security and prosperity.