About the Center

The idea of creating the N.Nazarbayev Center for Development of Interfaith and Intercivilization Dialogue was initiated by the participants of the VI World and Traditional Religions Leaders Congress in October 2018.

The N.Nazarbayev Center for Development of Interfaith and Intercivilization Dialogue was established by Decree No. 226 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 25, 2019.

            Goals and objectives of the Center

  • promoting peace and harmony between all religions in an atmosphere of mutual respect;
  • ensuring on an ongoing basis interaction with domestic and foreign religious associations and their spiritual leaders;
  • interaction with international structures (organizations, centers, etc.), conclusion of memoranda of cooperation on issues of interreligious and intercultural dialogue;
  • organizing and conducting of the following events: Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, the Secretariat of the Congress and the Working Group;
  • organizing and participation in the preparation for international, republican and regional conferences, round tables, seminars, events and competitions on religious issues aimed at strengthening interreligious and intercultural dialogue;
  • analysis of the state and dynamics of development of the religious situation in the world;
  • monitoring of materials on religious subjects in foreign and domestic media;
  • assistance to state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and participation in the activities of awareness-raising groups of all levels in the implementation of state policy in the field of religion, including on combating religious and other manifestations of extremism;
  • promoting the Kazakh experience of interfaith dialogue at the international level.

Since May 26, 2020, the Institute for Analysis of Religious Situation and Religious Expertise has been established at the Center.

The Institute’s activities are aimed at analyzing and monitoring the religious situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, at organizing and conducting religious studies examination based on religious content.  The Institute is also engaged in scientific researches in the field of state-confessional relations.  The library fund of the Institute is 2588 books.